Not long now until the winter graduations at Queens University Belfast begin.

At Dermot Murphy Photography we love photographing the winter Graduations and one of the main reasons is that we can feel much more relaxed as there are not nearly as many graduates as in the summer. To learn more just visit our dedicated Graduation Photography Website at

We get fewer families and the atmosphere is much more relaxed. We can always be sure of a good number of Nursing Graduates as we have had so many recommendations over the years!

Quite a few of our previous graduate families will be coming back with their second child and we will have those that booked for July and for one reason or another have deferred the ceremony to December.

Winter graduations at Queens University Belfast
Celebrate in style!

It's true you don't get strawberries and cream but you do get seasonal warm mince pie which will hit the spot on a cold day. ;0) You also get a glass of bubbly in the studio as well, as we love any excuse to crack open a bottle with the excuse that it will make you more relaxed.

So if you or anyone you know is graduating at Queens Universit Belfast and would like to graduate in style then please direct them to our dedicated Graduation Photography Website at

Graduation Show-reel – See what you might be missing!

So don't feel for a minute that is not as big a deal. It totally is. You are just more likely to get a booking at your favourite restaurant afterwards than you are in summer.

A private photography session with us for little more than the university photographer for their basic package!

Why would you stand in a queue in front of everyone when you could relax with your family, glass in hand and guaranteed to love the result because you will choose it yourself?

Queens University Belfast - Winter Graduations
Bring your family along!

To get more details and our Free Graduate Information Pack just pop your details in below or visit our dedicated Graduation Photography Website at


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