Newborn Photography that’s Simply Devine!

When we met Coleen & Simon, we sat down and thought about the look we were after for Thea’s first newborn photography shoot. The theme was to be kept simple.”It’s all about her” Coleen said “we want to capture her just as she is. We know she won’t stay this small for long.”
How right she was! In a few short weeks, she looked so much more developed already!

We did the big reveal to see their reaction, and I don’t think Coleen would be ashamed to admit that there was a tear in her eye when she saw the final result of their finished frame.

It was designed together to get just the look she wanted. Their favourite family image was remastered in Sepia tone for the soft look and feel she wanted and framed in real white wood with non-reflective glass so they could hang it anywhere in their home without glare spoiling their enjoyment of the image.

We all came up with the same word to describe how we felt when we looked at them holding Thea in their arms, and that was the word “THRILLED!” Simply Devine!

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