Graduands listen up!

The big thing about your graduation day is that, if we are really honest, it is about your adoring family.

You may well not fancy donning a cap and gown and going up on stage to get your certificate to prove to the world that you passed your degree, but you have worked (fairly) hard for it, and your parents deserve it.

Wait a minute! The parents? Yes, it’s the ultimate dream for the parents to get you to this stage and bask in the reflected glory of your achievements. It’s not too much bother to show up, and smile, is it?

Well, it can be made much easier if you plan it ahead!

The ceremony is usually not too bad (generally under a couple of hours), and the atmosphere is always great. Everyone is dressed up, and the back-patting feels quite good if you are honest.

The garden party is your Mum’s version of tea at the palace. All that standing and smiling and there are strawberries! There will most likely be a posh meal and a few drinks, and they may even pick up the tab 😉

The only annoying bit, to be honest, is the photographs! They can go on a bit. The one on the stage. The one in front of the building. The one with your family at the garden party, to name a few. The worst one is the “official” photograph which is usually a matter of queuing in a holding pen (marquee with barriers like airport security) in blistering heat or muggy drizzle either of which does nothing for the hairstyle or the mother’s makeup!

So here’s an alternative.

Book a private session.

Choose your time.

Be greeted with refreshments and the chance to go to the loo and fix the hair and makeup.

Get your granny a chance to sit down.

Get someone who knows how to fix the hood do it instead of guessing how it is supposed to go. (This bit is not an intelligence test, but it has been known to stump 99% of graduates!)

Have a professional pose and light you to make the most of this opportunity to look your best. After all that partying( we mean studying) you may look a little tired, and if all else fails there is always photoshop;)

The opportunity to bring all the family( and not just the ones who got tickets!

The option to get a family picture without the gown (while everyone has their faces washed.)

The chance to choose your own image (which you don’t get with uni set up.) afterwards so you can get on with your day(get on with the celebrations.)

All in all, it’s an easy decision which costs around the same as the uni option, but the results are so much better.

Fun facts!

August is one of our busiest times because we are doing graduation photography for the people who couldn’t bring themselves to display their “official” picture from the university.

45% of our availability is booked before results day by returning families.

99% of students would be “extremely likely” to recommend our service to a friend.

Our most popular feedback is that the photography was a highlight in the day for the whole family:)

We pride ourselves in what we do, and we strive to do the best we can in sometimes tricky situations. If you have issues in your group like

  • family tensions,
  • communication or disability issues,
  • sensitivity to lights in photos
  • Hang-ups about certain features
  • Phobia of photography
  • Overbearing family members
  • Need to accommodate your baby,
  • Dog,
  • Makeup artist
  • Personal assistant

We have got you covered

And we accept payment with most credit cards( the most common one used is the “mother’s”)

At this stage you have already decided you want to book a session but remember we only take 0NE family at a time so book online or get the Mother to call us (with her credit card, of course;)

Here's our Top Tips for the day

Do NOT celebrate the night before.

Find the cuff links instead.

Collect the gown in plenty of time and check it fits. Recent bodybuilding has meant the hoods are not broad enough!

Check you don’t have any marks or creases in the gown and hood. If you left it in the plastic bag, hang it up in the bathroom while you shower which will steam the wrinkles.

You don’t have a mortarboard with QUB, but if you granny is disappointed we can lend you one;)

Boys get the hair cut the week before.

Girls set the alarm for stupid o clock to get ready.

Check out Car parking for the out of town relatives. We recommend Methodist College Car park for a small fee;)

Bring a change of shoes!!!

Bring safety pins to avoid issues with the gown( or book a session before the ceremony, and we will do it for you;)

Book a meal. It gets hectic!

Get facial water mist( Boots sell it) to cool down without spoiling makeup.


More water!

Did we say, MORE water?!


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