Graduating at Queens University Belfast

Queen's University Belfast Graduation Sessions

Queen's University Belfast Graduation Sessions for December are starting next week! The 2019 Queen's University Graduations start on Tuesday the 10th of December and end on Friday the 13th of December.

Here are four good reasons you should book your Graduation Portrait with Dermot Murphy Photography.


You won't have to queue for ages along with everyone else. You can book your private graduation photography session at a time that suits you and your family.

Then on the big day walk straight into the studio, and once you've caught your breath, checked your hair (and/or lippy), we will be ready to rock with some flattering studio lighting which will ensure you look your very best.

Bring your family


We'll help to ensure your gown is fitted correctly and you don't end up having your photo taken as if you've just dressed in the dark and put on an elaborate scarf (backwards)!

Queens University Belfast Graduation
They are more into this than you are :0)


You'll get to choose your photos. That's right. When you go elsewhere, you don't get to choose which photo or photos they print of you and your family. So, when they arrive in the post, and you don't like your expression… Tough.

Well, you could pay to have your portrait re-taken. But wouldn't it make much more sense to go to a graduation photography studio where you get to see all the best photos of you, and then you get to pick which ones get printed? It is so important,(especially for the ladies), to make sure we have got your very best side.


You get to bring your family. No need to leave Mum and Dad behind when you have your graduation portrait taken. Bring them along with you and let them get in on the action by having a few photos taken with you. (The keywords here are Mum and Dad and buy as it is often them who pay;0)

While you are at it, you could also bring your brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and significant others! That's the beauty of choosing the top studio with the skill and experience to do an amazing job since you did such a good one getting this far!

Queens University graduate with friend
Bring your significant other 😉

Queen's University Belfast Graduation Sessions are now booking at Dermot Murphy Photography. To find out more please visit our dedicated Graduation website at

Oh… and there may be bubbles!


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