Have you thought about getting a professional headshot?

A lot of people really dislike having their photos taken but we’re here to change that and make sure you enjoy the experience!

We all know that in this modern-day society, we live in that image is everything and that first impressions count. None of us wants to expose ourselves to scrutiny, and we don’t look as good as we did when we were 18, but that’s life!

We’ve trained with Peter Hurley, New York’s top headshot photographer, and follow a ridiculously high international standard so you can rest assured that your professional headshot will be fantastic.

Professional Headshots by DermotMurphy.com

The service includes styling advice and makeover (if required) as well as delivering your images in the correct format to upload directly to Linkedin or to your web designer if you wish. It takes no time at all in our comfortable Belfast studio with free car parking and refreshments!

Professional headshot
Hair and makeup facilities available
Styling and Make-Up available for business headshots at DermotMurphy.com

If you don’t have a Linkedin photo, then your profile is not 100% complete. It also leaves your audience with only text to go on, and your profile will likely be skipped in favour of those who have professional photos.

According to LinkedIn, profiles with photos receive 20 more times more views and nine times more connection requests than those that don’t.

Win more business with DermotMurphy.com

When you think about it if you were to look at two peoples Linkedin profiles side-by-side and both people had the same qualifications/experience and the only difference was that one person had a photo, and the other did not which one would you look at first? Which one would you think was more professional and organised? Which one had made an effort to make an excellent first impression?

A good professional headshot is just going to become more and more important as people increase their business connections using social media.

Ten years ago, we were told we had to have a website, a lot of people waited thinking they could get by without a website only to have to play catchup a short time later.

You only get one chance to make a first impression!



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