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Pet Photography in Belfast at our Award Winning Studio with Free Parking


If you are looking for high-quality Pet Photography in Belfast then you have come to the right place!

Wonderful experience! So impressed with how they managed Pluto. They brought out the best in him. Aoife Kelly, Belfast

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Why pet photography?

Did you know that our most loyal clients are our Pet parents? They are part of the family, your ( and your children’s) best friend, and they have a special paw on our hearts. They can also be great fun!

People who don’t have pets just don’t understand the connection. We get it!

One of our clients told us that her dogs are her babies. She owns that. She’s just a very proud Mum! The thing she pointed out is that she is almost certain to outlive her babies and she can’t get enough experiences and memories with them while she can!

We can’t tell you how many clients have written to say that they are so grateful that we had our photo session when their pet unexpectedly passed, and, had they waited, they never would’ve had these tangible memories of their lives.

How do our Pet Photography Sessions work?

What’s most important is that everyone is happy and comfortable. We love animals! They know that and they are so relaxed in our pet studio that their owners know it too! We like to keep sessions as easy and spontaneous as possible. Our studio is set up with them in mind and they love the smells, the toys and the treats! We can also go to your home (where your pet is most familiar), or venture outdoors into a park or the woods to further play, chase and smell things.

We use natural available light as well as specialist “daylight” studio lighting so there’s no distraction of flashing lights that might frighten your pet. It’s just me and my camera and the crazy people who work with me and are not allowed near the pet studio if they don’t adore pets like I do. We even have our own dog whisperer for those challenging types who can break the normal puppy personality code!

After your session, we will prepare your images in the style that suits you and your home you’ll have the chance to preview all your images, select your favourites and choose how you want to have them displayed. (We have lots of things to tempt you. albums, wall art, digital images, collages etc.)

And just so you know, tummy rubs and ear scratches always included.

How much do Pet Photography sessions cost?

We offer a range of pet sessions depending on puppy play to group sessions with all the family. get in touch with us and let us know what you have in mind. For quality Pet Photography in Belfast, we guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

Grace Sessions

For end-of-life, terminally ill or elderly pets I offer a special session dedicated to celebrating their lives and loves. These are often scheduled at very short notice and are treated with the utmost care, understanding and support. These are for and about the pets in need and their families and are very very dear to my heart. Please enquire for further information.

How do I schedule a session?

Sessions are scheduled on days that work best for you. Yes, that does include weekends. Just use the form below – we’ll set up a time to chat and figure it all out. Call our Pet Photography specilist on 02890 996976 or drop into our Belfast studio to find out more.

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