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Newborn Photography

Anticipating the patter of tiny feet? Then it’s time to start celebrating!

Sounds exciting? Let’s get started!

Belfast Newborn Specialist Photography Studio

Newborn photography sessions take place in a fun and relaxed environment in our beautiful Belfast studio located on the lower Malone Road, and no two sessions are the same. We also like to spend time in advance either on the phone or in person getting to know what you want from your photography session. We always aim to create a variety of photographs that capture the wonder of this special time.

Our experience with newborns allows us to see and create unique perspectives that result in newborn portraits that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional.

You don’t need to worry about styling and posing as we’ll be there to help you and with our expertise in flattering lighting and retouching we will bring out the best in your newborn portraits. We love getting to know each of our clients and creating unique art that you will treasure forever.

We arrange a fun and exciting conversation with you over the phone or in person at the studio so we can learn what you’re looking forward to most about being a mum and take the time to hear about how this has brought you closer to your partner. Most couples come out of this conversation with a renewed passion toward each other. It’s all about discovering what’s most important to you and what you would love to display in your home after the experience!

Your photo session is all about capturing the uniqueness of your relationship with your partner and taking it to a new height while capturing the feeling of what it means to be a mother. We obtain the feelings behind the stories we talked about during the discovery and planning call and recreate it true to life for you to experience forever. We usually allocate about a half day for each session (including preparation) so you are not disturbed but you may only be involved for an hour or two (newborns often need to be fed and winded) and we always work at your pace and comfort.

This is the most exciting part! Now’s the time when you get to quietly sit back, relax and enjoy the cinematic screening of your photos. Be prepared to fall in love with your partner all over again – we will have tissues standing by. During your design consultation, we will help you select your favourite pictures and create timeless pieces of art that can be displayed throughout your home to be treasured and loved for generations to come.

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