Newborn photography sessions usually take place within the first ten days but this little one is technically still newborn at 26 days old if her dates are corrected ;0)

Arushi. What a beautiful name! It means "the first ray of light" and she is definitely the light of her Mum & Dad's life!

She is called Arushi and she arrived into the world a month early on one of the most special feast days in her Nepalese culture. She has proved to be a blessing and her parents are besotted with her (as well as each other!)

newborn photography
Two become three

There is a real feeling of community spirit as this little family is supported by their friends and colleagues from Nepal and the pride in her background is palpable as well as a real sense of embracing the new family she is enjoying in her birthplace of Northern Ireland. She was happy to model our tiny Christmas t-shirt for us!

newborn photography Christmas t-shirt
Who wouldn't?

Although she is perfect in every way she is still only 6kg!

Perfection-head to toe

They say it takes a village to raise a child and between Kathmandu and Glengormly this little lady is surrounded by a whole world of love!

Newborn Photography - Daddies girl
Daddy's girl
newborn photography - my baby girl
Proud as punch!

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