We recently had the pleasure of documenting a maternity photography experience for a very happy mama and her beautiful family.

During her visit to our Belfast photography studio where we also had time to make a cast of her bump. 🙂

In a few short weeks, we will be able to use it to photograph her newborn baby in it and create an image like our famous 'Baby in the bowl" only this time the bowl will be her very own bump cast!

Gemma's behind the scenes shoot at Dermot Murphy Photography Belfast

Gemma visited the studio looking for some contemporary photography to document this very important stage in her family's life.

Little did we know that the world would be watching! It turned out that Gemma is a very popular vlogger who started her journey sharing her adventures of her beautiful horse Murphy ( a great name – fitting or what?) and her followers have jumped on the whole story of her first child Jonah and now follow along with the story of the soon to be the second one.

We found it really interesting learning about how she had documented her maternity story on her Instagram account and how she used video to allow her to tell stories and update her followers. We saw the Instagram photo she shared after her maternity photography session with us and couldn’t believe the response! We have really got so much to learn but it looks like the audience for these images may be worldwide! (No pressure!)

We look forward to welcoming Gemma, her family and her newborn baby back to the studio in a few weeks time.

You can find Gemma on Instagram here.

How long until your baby is due?

Now is the perfect time to capture this special time in your life and start documenting your new baby's journey!

pregnant woman marking August 8 calendar
Maternity Photography – Counting down to the new arrival

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