Free Gown Hire: We can match your hood colour!

You CAN miss your graduation and still have graduation pictures to be proud of!

Jason is a busy man and his plans for the summer do not leave room for his graduation ceremony. To make matters worse his sister has just emigrated to New Zealand this week!

No problem!

Mum and Dad organised a day out with champagne and lazy lunch at the Chelsea followed by a slap up meal in the evening at Clenaghan’s.

They also booked their graduation photography session with us so that they could celebrate as a family and show off his portrait beside his sister’s on the wall.

We did not have access to the Queens University Belfast gown as the exams are still not officially over but we used our hood and gown and added the correct colours in post production to achieve the perfect result at the perfect time at no more cost than doing it on the day! Less hassle and much more relaxed as well. Even if you didn’t make yours last year you can do the portrait later!

Just as well we can work wonders on those who have aged since their graduation! 😉

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