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Looking for Birthday Party Ideas?

We have been looking forward to launching one of our Birthday Party Ideas  called “This is me!” for such a long time we were afraid it may not live up to expectations.

We dreamed of a set up that would leave the birthday girl and her friends buzzing about the experience. They had to have fun as well as come away with a real sense of celebrating who they are; right here, right now. The party had to run smoothly and keep more or less to time finishing with a collection of empowering images and memories for them that would carry them through long after it was over.

Evie was our perfect client. Her friends have all been friends for years. They looked out for each other. They encouraged each other and joined in with the fun and the dancing going on in the separate room. Meanwhile the girls went off in pairs to be styled and photographed in their best possible light by our head photographer while being guided by our assistant photographer/model who enjoyed the dressing up and the party as much as the girls 😜!

They started with sweet treats and fruit fizz (which popped!) and worked up an appetite for the ginormous Little Wing pizza they shared having not a lot of room for the AMAZING cake which had added magic with a few party cannons to complete the spell for that fabulous cake shot at the end.

The next day, I’m not going to lie, there was glitter everywhere! One of the mums nailed it when she said: “The party that will now last a lifetime 😘”.

Evie’s mum said “What a perfect photo of the most perfect birthday party. From the start, to finish, you guys made the day one to remember.” The most important opinion was Evie’s, and she loved it💛💛!

If you would like to find out more about our Birthday Party Ideas or book a party for one for your little princess that please get in touch with us. Celebration party ideas are planned and organised by Dermot Murphy Photography Belfast. Just sit back and relax and let us do the rest with our perfect Birthday Party Ideas.

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