Look at the connection between them!

We absolutely love babies! We have four of our own and they are only babies for such a short time. We are so excited to capture these mini-people and freeze time so we will remember as much as possible about each stage.

This is what we do well. Catherine is gifted with an ability to connect with any child. (Well almost any child. There was just one who didn't fall for her charms but we don't talk about that.) She is most alive when engaging with babies. They feel the connection and light up in her presence. It's a gift.

We are blessed to have her and the lovely thing is that she attracts like-minded people so the three girls who work with us are just as mad about babies and they have absorbed,(almost by osmosis‚)her craft of knowing when to reach out and when to pull back. It's something that you cannot teach. You either have it or you haven't.

I have it to a degree but thanks to the talents of the amazing women behind me we can bring out the best in every mini-person we have the pleasure to photograph!


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