• Newborns are so precious and you’ll only

    get one chance to get images like this!

    Ideally, we want to photograph

    your baby before they are 14 days old.

    Pre-booking is strongly advised.



  • Because you only get one chance…

    Not only have you made a new little person but you have also created a new family. Whether this is your first baby or not the dynamics of your family will change. The magic is palpable but in the fog of the first few sleepless nights and hazy days; it is easy to forget, and it's over all too soon. We want you and your baby to remember this time, not just now, but for always. Our Newborn Art is an expression love in a way you touch and see, and the baby will one day enjoy sharing it with their children. We see this as a responsibility for recording the family history which the new generation will value even more than we do.


    Please email me some more details about your Newborn Photography Packages

    Beverly Pollington, Newtownabbey.

    "We loved the personal service offered by both Dermot and Catherine, not only great photography but a beautiful and heart warming experience during the session with our newborn son and 3 year old boy!"

    Newborn Specialists

    Portrait sessions take place in a fun and relaxed environment, and no two sessions are the same. We also spend time in advance either on the phone or in person getting to know what you want from your photography session. We always aim to create a variety of photographs that capture the wonder of this special time. Our experience with newborns allows us to see and create unique perspectives that result in newborn portraits that are beautiful, intimate, and emotional. You don't need to worry about styling and posing as we'll be there to help you and with our expertise in flattering lighting and retouching we will bring out the best in your newborn portraits. We love getting to know each of our clients, and creating unique art that you will treasure forever.

    When to book?

    To be honest, it’s never too early to book! Newborn portraits are only really possible with babies up to 10 days old (sometimes it's possible up to 14 days old). After this time it is very difficult to capture those beautiful newborn poses as your baby will have already started to outgrow the deep sleep and the natural curled up tight shape they have in the womb. We fully appreciate that these first few weeks are unpredictable, and although it can be difficult to capture the flexible poses from their first days, we still welcome babies at a few weeks old for newborn sessions. Please note that we only book a limited number of Newborn Sessions per month to ensure availability around your due date. We offer sessions on weekday afternoons when babies are at their sleepiest.

    Rúa & Lucy

    Belfast. Co Antrim

    "Thanks so much for a brilliant photo session and the help with choosing all my lovely pictures. We will be back!"

    How long will your session last?

    Newborn Photography Sessions last anywhere between two and three hours. This leaves plenty of time for running late, nursing, soothing, feeds, changes and of course lots of cuddles. The studio environment is ideally suited for the job with the baby friendly lighting, heated beanbag, aromatherapy oils to soothe and soft music to send the little ones and sometimes the parents to sleep. The environment is relaxed and peaceful, and our number one priority is always your comfort and the safety of your newborn. We are proud parents of four children ourselves (two boys & two girls), and we are professionally trained in the special handling and safety procedures necessary when photographing newborns. Our gentle and thoughtful approach enables us to capture those precious moments that yield the most beautiful, sensitive portraits.

    Studio or on location?

    You can choose to have your Newborn Photography session in our studio, or in the comfort of your home. Working in our studio allows us to offer a controlled environment, with the baby sensitive lighting and the controlled room temperature that are so vital to the success of a newborn session. Our studio sessions focus on posed newborn portraits, although we’re always happy to capture some photographs with mum and dad and grandparents if desired. We also offer an "at home" sessions for clients who want the studio-style newborn poses for birth announcements and wall art but want to incorporate the nursery or other meaningful settings within their home. We'll provide the portable lighting equipment, blankets, and accessories and create a professional studio set up in your home for those artfully posed Newborn Portraits.

    Text NEWBORN to 02890 9104 2050 to receive

    details about our Newborn Photography Packages

    What to wear?

    For baby, we feel that their birthday suit is the cutest outfit they have and are sensitive to modesty where appropriate aided by the artistic use of draped fabrics and accessories to your taste. We are happy to work with you to create something personal to you that may include heirlooms, special interests, or memorabilia where appropriate. For Mum and Dad, we usually suggest skin to skin for some of the newborn images. A collared shirt in a light colour for dad or a plain dark fitted shirt/t-shirt. We suggest mum wear long sleeves and unfussy collars. We often use neutral tones for newborns so heavy patterns or designs are best avoided. If you have ideas and suggestions, then please tell us and we will try and incorporate them.


    Artistically Enhanced

    Creating beautiful artistic images takes time! But you relax, it will be worth the wait. For every minute we spend together with you at your session, we will spend hours more behind the scenes to make your portraits and overall experience exceptional. After your Newborn Portrait Experience, we carefully evaluate all the images and select the best — based on expression, emotional, lighting, technical accuracy, background, and overall artistic appeal. These top images are then individually processed and hand retouched to create a true work of art. You will be invited back into the studio approximately a week after your session for your private viewing and cinematic screening where you will be able to choose your favourite images.

    Displaying your photographs

    We believe in having beautiful artwork for your home in addition to digital files for archiving. This artwork that you hang on the wall in your home, and you will pass by it every day on your way to work or your way to bed, and it gives you a lift, recreating the emotion of a particular time in your families life. You might move house; you might redecorate the room, but we guarantee you will continue to get joy from this art for the rest of your life. It will become more than a photograph; it will be an heirloom that will become part of your family's story for this generation and many more to come. We also offer you a variety of the highest quality products, from keepsake albums to custom wall art displays to complement your home decor. Bringing a new life into this world is a historic occasion and will be one of the most miraculous events in your life.

    Reserve your session now

    Please get in touch with us for details and pricing of our Newborn Portrait Experience. It includes talent and time during the session, as well as the option for high-resolution digital images, and a credit towards wall art. Once you are ready to book your Newborn Portrait session, please email Catherine or Dermot at studio@dermotmurphy.com or call us on 02890 996976. Remember to book well in advance as we have a limit to the number of Newborn Sessions we do each week. We look forward seeing you and capturing these incredibly special memories for you and your family.

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